DRACO Moses Basket

DRACO Moses Basket

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Handmade and woven using sustainably sourced dried elephant grass from Accra, Ghana.

Natural fibres in the baskets are dyed using non-toxic dyes.

Handles made from ethically sourced leather. 

Whether you’re an eco-warrior mummy-to-be creating an environmentally friendly nursery, or are looking for a baby shower gift that’s just a little bit different to anyone else, you’re in the right place! After all, we’re more than just moses baskets. We’re ROOHAMI, and our products are made specifically with love for your little tribe.

Our Roohami Moses Baskets are essential for the very first few months of your newborn’s life. With style, sophistication, and an incredible commitment to our environment, they’re the new ‘must have’ for any mummy-to-be. Suitable for newborn sleeping (before a child can roll, push up, or crawl), our newborn baby baskets give little ones a comfortable, stylish, and safe spot to sleep.
Our philosophy is to provide the most unique, honest, eco friendly and sustainable moses baskets and nursery accessories for your precious newborns to keep close to their hearts; from newborn to adulthood.

Our hand made, sustainable, eco-friendly Roohami Moses Baskets are hand woven and dyed with natural, non-toxic products by local tradespeople in Ghana, over around four days, especially for you. Each and every single piece is ‘one of a kind’, so you’ll never find another like the one you own! Our goods are made in Ghana by talented crafts people who are paid exactly what they believe their goods are worth. They set their own prices for their pieces, and are paid that amount. We want to ensure that the community of weavers in Ghana are able to earn a living that they deserve.

The advantages of a good Moses basket: 

Roohami Moses Baskets are intended to offer a beautiful, supervised sleeping space for newborn babies. Newborn’s love confined, cosy spaces – they’ve not long left the womb, and it makes them feel safe and reassured. With a Roohami Moses Basket, you are able to provide an ideal environment for your baby which doesn’t take up too much room in your home, is portable so that wherever you go, baby can too, and has a stylish approach to baby furniture that beats bland baby baskets to the curb!

NOTE: Once a baby can roll, push up or crawl, they are no longer suited to using a moses basket for sleeping purposes.

However, that’s not the end of the road for our baskets – we like to think that a Roohami Moses Basket will be used for lifetimes to come, and they aren’t just for babies! Our friends and family have been known to use them as play boats (dry land only please folks!), snuggle baskets for toddlers, crawl level toy storage, shop displays and, and as pampered fur-baby baskets! (lucky pooches!) #roohami

Sizing : 78cm x 46cm approx